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We work in close partnership with vehicle manufacturers and dealerships to strengthen their aftersales relationships with their customers, creating positive experiences that lead to increased loyalty and greater revenues. We call this ‘Ownercare’. The core of the business is service plans: with a live book of 1.8 million customers we are the acknowledged UK leader. We use reliable, highly evolved platforms to integrate our systems with our clients’.  We offer customer service that is second-to-none and we take responsibility so that our clients can focus on their strengths, knowing that their customers are in great hands. In 2020 we estimate that we created over a quarter of a billion pounds worth of potential revenue to our dealer partners.

What we do

We are aftersales relationship partners – that’s how we see ‘Ownercare’. We strengthen loyalty between car dealers and manufacturers with their customers by delivering world-class customer service and support for post-sales care, principally but not exclusively through service plans.

Why choose us

We are already the UK’s leading provider and administrator of service plans, trusted by 15 of the world’s foremost vehicle manufacturers. By calling on this experience; highly effective IT platforms; the global expertise of our parent company Innovation Group; and the contribution of high quality people who understand both our clients and vehicle owners’ needs, we are able to provide:

  • An outstanding customer experience
  • Truly comprehensive support through sales, IT, admin, marketing, call centres and more
  • Increased revenues through customer loyalty, not only in service and parts sales but in higher volumes of repeat sales
  • Peace of mind to know that customers are ‘all taken care of’, that time has been saved and that resources can be fully concentrated on core activities

Our aim

To continue to pioneer the field of ‘Ownercare’ by broadening our offer in any way that improves the quality of the after-sales experience and increases the loyalty between vehicle owners and dealerships/manufacturers.

Our history

EMaC was founded in 2004 to specialise exclusively in service plans. In the subsequent decade the company went from zero to nearly two million customers, establishing partnerships with many of the country’s top 200 dealerships and with vehicle manufacturers such as BMW, Citroen, Kia, Jaguar, Land Rover, Lexus, Mazda, Mitsubishi, Peugeot, Toyota, Vauxhall and more. Every year since 2011, ‘Automotive Management’ has recognised us as the leading provider of service plans to the industry. The company was founded in Bolton but now operates from a large headquarters building in Crewe. It was acquired by Innovation Group in late 2014.

Part of Innovation Group

Innovation Group provides comprehensive operational support and a range of expert services to the world’s leading insurers, brokers, fleet managers and automotive manufacturers. It has 3,300 employees across ten countries and over 1,200 clients worldwide. In the United Kingdom, Innovation Group works with many of the largest insurers in the market, both in property and the automotive sectors, handling the entire claims process from end to end. In its automotive operations alone, Innovation Group annually deploys 60,000 jobs to approved repairers, carrying out 400,000 progress status checks and executing 2,400 field inspections – expertise, resources and ambition we can call on to the benefit of our own customers.

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EMaC are a proud members of The Motor Ombudsman’s accreditation scheme and are accredited to the CTSI-approved Motor Industry Code of Practice for Vehicle Warranty Products. This Code ensures we operate to the highest standards of service and offer peace of mind to our customers. Further information on The Motor Ombudsman and their Motor Industry Codes of Practice can be found on their website – https://www.themotorombudsman.org/consumers.

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