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We partner with vehicle manufacturers and dealerships to ensure that the owner’s post-sale experience is the most rewarding possible, in every aspect. Our principal activity is the management of service plans which we carry out for many major manufacturers and dealer groups. Our vision is to broaden our field of activity using our resources, expertise and customer service ethic to innovate in all areas of ‘Ownercare’.

What we do

Manage your service plan

  • You pay a modest monthly fee by direct debit
  • Tailor your service plan to your vehicle’s servicing needs

Why use us?

  • Servicing your vehicle in line with the manufacturer’s specification is central to supporting reliability, safety and economy. It also ensures manufacturer warranty compliance

  • Regular, appropriate servicing increases your vehicle’s resale value
  • By opting for a service plan, you will have paid for the work required before your vehicle visits the service department – so no nasty shocks

  • Your service plan is inflation-proof; if the price of parts or labour increases during the term of the plan, no problem – you won’t pay more

Frequently asked questions

Your name appears on my bank statement. Who are you?

EMaC handles the administration of your vehicle’s service plan. We collect the Direct Debit instalments from your bank or building society that pay towards the upcoming servicing requirements of your vehicle.

How do I cancel my service plan agreement?

If you’re thinking about cancelling, please call us – we would hate to lose you. We can talk you through the benefits and options of remaining a service plan customer, particularly if your needs or circumstances have changed.
If ultimately you do decide to cancel, we will help you to finalise the agreement quickly and efficiently. Refunds are calculated based on the money you have paid into the service plan account, less any services and/or management charges.

To see further details of our cancellations process please click here.

I’ve bought a new vehicle. Can I transfer my service plan agreement to it?

If you have bought a new vehicle from the same dealer – or the same dealer group – then we will arrange for unused payments to be transferred from your old agreement to a new one. Simply contact your dealership and advise of your change and they will be more than happy to arrange for the transfer of your plan. Or call us with the details of your old and new vehicle and we will happily arrange the transfer for you.

Can I extend or renew my agreement?

No problem. If you decide to keep your vehicle for longer than your plan service schedule then we are more than happy to arrange a quote to renew the plan. Just give us a call on 0330 099 6801 and we will talk you through your options.

Confirmation will be sent out to confirm any changes made.

Does my service plan cover mechanical breakdowns?

This is dependent on the type of service plan you have purchased. Please see your contract for specific details of the inclusions of your service plan or contact your dealer for more information.

Can a family member use my service plan for their vehicle?

Your agreement is specific to your vehicle and the payments are tailored to meet the cost of servicing that vehicle. Of course, we are happy to help arrange an agreement for other vehicles in your household.

How do I pay towards my service plan?

You can pay in full at the dealership or by contacting one of our advisors who can arrange collection of payment through a secure Worldpay account. Cards accepted are:

  • JCB
  • Mastercard
  • Maestro
  • Visa

Alternatively you can opt to pay for your service plan through a monthly Direct Debit payment scheme tailored to suit your vehicle servicing requirements. Ask your dealer for full terms and conditions.

What our clients say

I very much appreciate the efficient, calm and friendly manner in which you have dealt with this matter. Your customer service has been first class. Thank you so much.

— M. Manning

I would like to take this opportunity to discuss the contact I had today with a member of your staff. The way he understood the issues I had with a dealership was exemplary, his empathy towards me was most courteous and professional. If this is the manner in which you are training your staff to deal with customers then I congratulate you. He not only resolved the issue but was willing to offer further assistance if required, I would appreciate that you convey my gratitude and thanks in person.

— G McKenzie

I just wanted to pass my thanks onto one of your staff, who sorted out my service plan issue. Thanks to them, all was resolved. I would like to comment that I have found your organisation a pleasure to deal with. Whenever I have had a query, your staff have responded to it with efficiency and professionalism. Plus kindness, the most important!

— J Woodward

If ONLY everyone had customer service like this, the world would be a better place.

— Mr Leyton

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