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Taking care of the after-sales relationship with your customers is a vast and specialised operation that requires experience, expertise, infrastructure and sophisticated IT. We manage the entire operation for you. Our range of automotive retention solutions increase loyalty, keep the sales of parts within your network, allow upselling and lead to repeat car sales and an extended customer relationship. In 2023 we calculate that our most successful partnership generated some £47,183,824 in future potential service revenue. We partner with 21 major vehicle manufacturers.

What we do

Service plans

  • Dealer support – an experienced team of automotive retention specialists
  • Outbound sales – a dedicated resource to boost your customer retention
  • Sales development managers – on site support to boost your results
  • Reconciliation and finance support team – expert advice
  • Customer services and contact centre – specialists at looking after your customers… and saving you time
  • Marketing support – holistic solutions

EMaC maintenance and repair plans

An innovative range of products designed to maximise dealer profits, including Subscription Warranty, Lifetime Warranty, Platinum Warranty, Cosmetic Maintenance Plan and Tyre & Alloy Wheel Maintenance Plan.

  • Ensures long term customer retention.
  • Profit – Set your own retail price to determine front end margins
  • Cost Benefit – As non-insured products, VAT savings can be reflected in lower cost to our dealers
  • Non-insured – Our products are maintenance plans, not insurance contracts.
  • Increase retention – Regular vehicle checks ensure more customer touch points and allow the opportunity for upsell and another car sale
  • Improved cover – Inspect, maintain, repair.

Credit facility – Drive Now, Pay Later

  • A flexible, interest free credit solution for dealerships to offer to their customers
  • Can be used for any dealership purchases – red work, accessories or parts
  • Minimal administration
  • Increase accessory sales and aftersales revenue
  • Increase customer retention and satisfaction
  • Full training and ongoing support provided by EMaC
  • Smart phone and tablet enabled
  • Seamless, swift and flexible customer application process and loan activation
  • Tailored fulfilment documentation pack delivered instantly to preferred device

Identify new opportunities

  • Strategic vision: operate across the entire post-sales relationship with vehicle owners
  • Innovate beyond service plans by looking at the big picture
  • Identify new areas and ways to add value
  • Investment in technology to support product development & system enhancement
  • Example: credit finance to reduce the impact of big maintenance costs

Why use us?

The Evolve website to drive sales

  • A digital portal – simple, quick and effective, comprising of marketing-leading functionality, including:
  • Intuitive design
  • Robust security to control user access and permissions
  • Desktop and mobile-ready
  • Bespoke service plan pricing
  • Flexible maintenance plan subscriptions
  • A range of secure payment options to suit consumer needs
  • Bespoke customer quotation & fulfilment documentation

Reliable and intuitive software systems

  • Cloud-based, secure and resilient ‘Evolve’ platform ensures high levels of availability
  • User experiences designed to give intuitive support for your service plan and maintenance plan needs
  • Security compliance validated annually using globally recognised external security testing partners

Depth and quality of support – at all levels

  • Dealer and OEM relationship support
  • Dealer and OEM product consultation and implementation
  • Dealer and OEM campaign management
  • Dealer staff training
  • Real time dashboard-style reporting
  • Dedicated fund reconciliation and finance / accountancy support

What our clients say

We have been working with EMaC since 2016 - we chose them as a new partner and over the past two years EMaC have delivered the support and innovation that has enabled us to grow our service plan business further.

With the significant investments in products and technology developments, EMaC have facilitated a stable, flexible and successful platform for us to sell our service plans.

We have recently worked with EMaC to expand our product portfolio, enabling us to sell service plans for used vehicles as well as new. We are just about to embark upon the next phase, which is all about consumer direct so enabling consumers to buy service plans as well as other products through our website.

Kevin Todd, general manager, service & quality, Kia Motors (UK) Ltd

Toyota and Lexus were the first OEM to collaborate with EMaC and after a decade we are still working together, our relationship has really stood the test of time. The constant support that EMaC offer our dealerships is exceptional. They support in excess of 75% of the Toyota and Lexus network. As a result we use EMaC for our national online service plan provision.

The sale of service plans for both new and used cars within the network has grown significantly over the years and is a key driver of the excellent service retention that we enjoy.

Paul Marshall, general manager, after sales, Toyota (GB) plc

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