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What expertise brings

Our expertise takes the pressure off vehicle manufacturers and dealerships, especially in the showroom, allowing you to focus your energies and resources on your strengths and key aims, safe in the knowledge that our stable infrastructure, systems and knowledge will be delivering the optimum customer care to your vehicle owner.



The quality of our people is what sets us apart as the UK’s leading retention partner. We employ a personal, easy-access and hands-on approach that gives dealerships and manufacturers maximum confidence. We are listeners, proactive in meeting our clients’ needs; we’re understanding, which leads to better service; we’re friendly, experienced and we’re bright thinkers, questioning the status quo and always looking for ways to innovate.

We employ over 120 knowledgeable experts who are on hand to support your retention programme
phone calls taken by our support teams in 2023


Everything we achieve is underpinned by simple-to-use, highly effective and extremely reliable IT platforms. These platforms have evolved over time and through hard-earned experience to match the needs of both dealerships and manufacturers, down to the finest details. They give you access to the information and control you need, when you need it, allowing you to function quickly, efficiently and distraction-free. The platforms can be configured to the exact needs of each and every client and integrate with ours seamlessly.

1.6 million
quotes produced in 2023 on our Evolve system
service and maintenance plans supported by a stable and effective technology platform in 2023

Global expertise

Innovation Group provides comprehensive operational support and a range of expert services to the world’s leading insurers, brokers, fleet managers and automotive manufacturers. It has 3,300 employees across ten countries and over 1,200 clients worldwide. In the United Kingdom, Innovation Group works with many of the largest insurers in the market, both in property and the automotive sectors, handling the entire claims process from end to end. In its automotive operations alone, Innovation Group annually deploys 60,000 jobs to approved repairers, carrying out 400,000 progress status checks and executing 2,400 field inspections – expertise, resources and ambition we can call on to the benefit of our own customers.

clients worldwide
employees over ten countries