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Our values

We believe in going beyond expectations for our clients and their customers at every turn. Our aim is to inspire positive change in the field of ‘Ownercare’. To do this we are clear, visionary, can-do, together and transformational.


We are customer focused and this gives us complete clarity on where we’re going and why. Improving the customer experience and delivering in the moment of truth is everything. We have a clear sense of others’ needs and have the depth of knowledge that enables us to respond.


We constantly look at things differently, question the status quo, ask ‘what if…?’ We’re imaginative. Not only does our culture give permission to be thought provoking, innovative and creative, these things are highly valued and rewarded. We’re ambitious for improvement.


We’re a positive, can-do organisation, which makes it a happy place to work in and a great organisation to deal with. We recognise that people work better when work is fun – we want them to enjoy every day. We all strive to create an ethos in which great ideas can get ahead.


We work together to make things happen: we’re collaborative. Fundamental in making togetherness real and credible is being trustworthy. That means being consistent in our level of service; reliable in doing what we say we’ll do, when we say we’ll do it; and open and honest in our dealings.


The combination of all of these qualities gives us the power to take things further for our clients and their customers. We put in the effort that takes us beyond what people thought possible and makes us a formidable force for transforming the customer experience of owning and maintaining a vehicle, increasing loyalty with manufacturers and dealers.

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