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Launch of EMaC’s Aftersales Academy cements its commitment to promoting industry excellence

Launch of EMaC’s Aftersales Academy cements its commitment to promoting industry excellence

Dealers to strengthen personal development for employees and boost business success

EMaC, the UK’s leading provider of Service Plan and consumer retention schemes to the automotive industry, is investing in its commitment to dealers with the launch of The EMaC Aftersales Academy. The all new – free – training programme, has been designed specifically for motor dealers to help them maximise aftersales opportunities for the benefit of the business, employees and consumers alike.

The launch of The EMaC Aftersales Academy will support dealers in equipping their teams with the right tools and knowledge to drive and build on consumer retention for the ongoing success of the business. It includes on-site workshops, webinars, incentives, hosted events and awards for star performers. The modules offer interactive group activities, discussions and self-directed learning to meet a range of learning styles and support an individual’s personal development.

To shape the Academy’s content, EMaC has drawn upon its experience of managing a live book of 1.7 million consumers and working with more than 2,000 dealers. Prior to its launch, EMaC conducted a pilot with its own employees to enable it to test and fine tune the training modules. This feedback was key in ensuring the content is relevant, engaging and accessible. Crucially, The EMaC Aftersales Academy has been designed to fit alongside a dealer’s own training programme, to fully maximise its return.

Snows Group, with over 50 franchised dealerships across the South and South West of England, is one of the first groups to participate in the EMaC Aftersales Academy. Director, Phil Maddison, explains: “We work hard to continually support a motivated team at Snows, enabling individuals across our franchises to be confident in delivering on our key strategic objectives. Without them, our business would not be the success it is, so it is vital that we give them something back. The new EMaC Aftersales Academy helps us achieve this. 

“The training has been incredibly well received by everyone at every level. EMaC has delivered a holistic training programme that will benefit every element of our aftersales activity.

The staff members involved have also broadened their own skillset and the learning will contribute significantly to their ongoing personal development.

“We will definitely look to repeat this experience, with competition already mounting amongst employees to claim the ‘Rising Star’ and ‘Training Excellence’ awards.”

Colette Murray, Learning and Development Coordinator at The RRG Group, adds:  “Here at The RRG Group, we have been working with Emma Sidley-Wiltshaw from EMaC on its new EMaC Aftersales Academy Development Programme for almost three months. We handpicked a selection of Senior Service Advisors from across the Group to attend four workshops over a four-month period. So far, they have attended two of the four workshops and the feedback has been really positive. 

“All of the workshops have included new innovative ways of looking at positive experiences for our customers.  Emma creates a great environment in which to learn and in turn this has resulted in full participation from all the delegates.  Everyone has created ‘Learning Logs’ in order to take away action plans to develop back in the workplace. We are looking forward to the next one!”

Emma Sidley-Wiltshaw, EMaC’s Learning and Development Manager, concludes: “We understand the motor industry and the day-to-day challenges that dealers face. Market competition and consumer demands can distract the business from focusing on what’s needed to retain valued staff members.

“The EMaC Aftersales Academy has been designed to support our clients’ key assets, their people, by delivering an extensive learning and development programme. We are investing in supporting the success of our clients so that the only thing they need to invest in, is the time and commitment of their people.

“We are hugely excited to be launching The EMaC Aftersales Academy and working with dealers and their employees to enable them to reap the rewards the training delivers, both personally and professionally.”

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