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Arden Maidstone reap the rewards of an EMaC partnership – Tailored Service Plan sees sales increase by over 90% in less than a year

Arden Maidstone reap the rewards of an EMaC partnership – Tailored Service Plan sees sales increase by over 90% in less than a year

Arden Maidstone has seen its Service Plan sales increase by over 90% in less than one year since it partnered with EMaC in October 2018.

Working closely with EMaC to create and deliver a tailored Service Plan, Arden Maidstone is already 680 sales up year-on-year and sees this as a vital means of enhancing consumer loyalty and retention for the long term.

Alongside its innovative technology for streamlining the Service Plan sales process and securing revenue, EMaC excels in offering comprehensive training for dealer sales, aftersales and accounts teams, both onsite and remotely.  Performance reviews, along with product content and pricing appraisals are carried out regularly – this training and back office support for Arden has been instrumental in its success in offering flexible and tailored solutions.

Terry Groves, Arden Maidstone Aftersales Director, comments; “The key is down to the simplicity of EMaC’s pricing, a simplified solution representing good value that is easy for both consumers and our own team to understand.  Our principal sellers are part of a very tight knit customer service team, which is dedicated to quoting and selling Service Plans at every single opportunity.

“In the first three months of using EMaC, we saw sales increase by 56% and as the relationship continued to grow, this quickly increased by over 90%.  This success has been driven by our customer service team who are responsible for proactively securing sales and are very well managed, motivated and incentivised. This, coupled with the simplicity of quoting, has created a fantastically positive selling environment.”

“Furthermore, our sales team receive positive consumer feedback on a daily basis, proving that we are not only reaping a financial reward from our partnership with EMaC, but also increasing consumer loyalty”.

Groves concludes,  “EMaC has proven to be a very proactive partner, taking the time to fully understand our business needs and the value we place on delivering an exceptional consumer experience. This has led to a truly productive relationship, with EMaC’s flexible approach delivering results that speak for themselves.”

John O’Donnell, Managing Director for EMaC, adds; “We know an enhanced consumer experience is crucial to the success of securing a Service Plan sale, which is why we are committed to working with Arden Maidstone to offer their teams the ongoing support and training they need to continue to boost consumer loyalty and retention, without compromising profitability.”

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