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EMaC helps underpin Motorline’s customer retention strategy by collaborating in three key ways

Motorline is reaping the benefits of its longstanding partnership with EMaC, with three elements of what we offer in particular ensuring that service plans now sit at the centre of its customer retention strategy. Those elements are the way that Motorline employees are engaged, the expert training they receive, and the continued evolution of our technology.

The fundamental first step in any relationship is to help dealers understand the strategic importance of the service plan, and the benefits it can bring. The motivation this brings unlocks what follows, because engaged, inspired dealers lead to engaged, inspired customers. Customer loyalty is highly valued by the Motorline team and is a key driver for fulfilling its ambition of delivering exemplary customer service, so persuading them of the benefits was not hard. The programme was carefully planned specifically around Motorline, however.

As Thomas Obee, Group CEO at Motorline said: “Crucially, EMaC has taken a collaborative and consultative approach to our partnership, in turn building a productive relationship with our team.”

We provided all training that the sales, aftersales and accounts teams needed. Onsite training support was complemented by head office back up. Motorline benefits from regular performance reviews by EMaC, along with product content and pricing appraisals to ensure customers get the best value from the service plans. Our highly flexible and configurable ‘Evolve’ system, with bespoke pricing options, tailored quotation documents and seamless invoice claims process was adapted to Motorline’s needs.

“EMaC has always remained committed to continually enhancing its service plan sales and administration process, which, in turn, has enabled our employees to easily engage with, and maximise opportunities – from initial sale through to implementation,” said Obee. “We’re expecting next year’s service plan sales to deliver a significant guaranteed service revenue. EMaC is central to the continued growth and success at Motorline, allowing us to further enhance the customer experience.”

Motorline’s service plan sales have doubled in the past four years, and increased by almost 50% in 2017 alone.

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