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How to generate a 200% increase in sales in two years

Drive Vauxhall, a leading UK retail automotive group, decided to partner with EMaC to provide support and training to its workforce in order to drive service plan sales.

Ashley Connell, group business development manager at Drive Vauxhall, explains, “The partnership enabled us to identify where change was needed and how to implement new processes, in order to secure more sales. We’ve also enhanced staff incentives, such as changing payment plans and commission for those who sell service plans, as well as run internal competitions, all of which have resulted in creating greater motivation amongst the team.”

EMaC worked with Drive Vauxhall on the ground to implement comprehensive training that covered sales, aftersales and accounts teams, ensuring everyone at every level fully understood the benefits of service plans for the business and customers alike. In addition to monthly ‘new starter’ courses undertaken by EMaC, Drive Vauxhall benefits from regular refresher training sessions to ensure the established team remains motivated and focused. Daily and monthly targets are set, progress is measured routinely, and the improved processes have empowered staff to significantly improve the bottom line for the business.

And an increase in sales by 200% in just 24 months is certainly significant.

“In addition to boosting our aftersales revenue stream, the importance of service plans in terms of increasing our customer retention rate can’t be overlooked. Indeed, the success of our service plans business has had a positive impact on vehicle sales,” said Connell.

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