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Eden Motor Group boosts service plan revenue by 60%

Eden Motor Group’s partnership with EMaC is playing a key role in the growth of its revenue. Together we identified technology as a key potential area for driving growth. Since new processes were put in place Eden has seen service plan sales increase by 60% in two years. The company is aiming for a further projected year-on-year sales growth of 25% in 2018.

As a multi-franchised dealer with 20 sites across the south of the UK, Eden’s success in selling service plans will see it benefit from a guaranteed service revenue across the coming years of over £4 million per annum.

Eden will soon be employing EMaC’s recently launched AutoQuote service, which will significantly streamline the quotation process, yielding administration efficiencies for its dealers. Quotes are automatically created and can be printed out or emailed to customers, saving valuable time and helping to convert crucial sales.

EMaC offered Eden comprehensive training to support sales, aftersales and accounts teams, ensuring that all employees at every level fully understood the benefits of service plans for the business and customers alike.

Mark Clifton, general manager for Eden Motor Group, explained: “EMaC is a proactive partner which treated each of our dealerships as individual entities; there’s no “one size fits all” mentality. By working in collaboration we are supported in the launch of consumer offers, driving colleague engagement through training, and the delivery of valuable management and performance review information.

“We will benefit further from harnessing new technology from EMaC, such as AutoQuote, and are working together on a new website that will provide us with a consumer direct portal for service plans. This, combined with EMaC’s outbound sales collaborations, means we can continue to boost year-on-year service plan sales. Our relationship with EMaC has become a central part of our growth strategy.”

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