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Important Business Update

Important Business Update

I would like to update that our Business Continuity Plan continues to be rolled out and we intend to have c.75% of our colleagues in a Work From Home (WFH) capacity by Close of Business today, March 19th.

We have been rolling out gradually to avoid any disruption to our clients or our consumers. However, following the Government’s intervention regarding school closures we are accelerating our plan in order to ensure any of our colleagues with dependents are supported and are able to WFH by the end of this week. We aim to have 100% of our colleagues in a WFH position in the coming working days. The pace of this plan will put pressure on our services and specifically our telephony.

In order to assist us in maintaining our service levels through this period of transition, we respectfully have two requests for our clients:

  1. Please use email where possible: We do have telephony capability in a WFH Business Continuity Plan but we are moving at a pace that is placing a stress upon it. We would be grateful if email could be used via support@emac.co.uk as this is our best way of responding and resolving your query ASAP.
  2. Please use your EMaC Commercial Representative as a Telephony escalation point: We recognise some of your queries may need a quicker response and our Commercial team are here to help. Please feel free to call your representative on issues you would like an urgent response to and we will prioritise accordingly.

As we conclude our transition to WFH, services should start to resume to a more stable and sustainable level.  We are working very hard to minimise any disruption to your or your consumers and we are very grateful for your support through this period.

Many thanks,


John O’Donnell
Managing Director

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